hmmm about us.... well we're almost like Fred and George but with one difference. We're Triplets....jealous much:P our sis on here is @DoOrDieMyLove..... We love ya sis :) Um we're not showing our pics cause we're cool like that :P

Hey i'm Brian i love sport, championship swimmer, i play footy:) soccer and basketball. I'm a guitarist, i draw, i sing. I'm 16. I guess that's all. Oh yeah just got out of a weird relationship. Brendan's a NERD.

Hi i'm Brendan. I love to prank people, i hate sport, i like to read. Duh. Um... i'm taken by the most wonderful, beautiful girl in the universe... I'M NOT A NERD!!!! BRIAN!!! That's all, i guess. So, peace out!!! :D

U can call us B1 and B2 as Nina does. LOL it stuck with us

Ps. feel free to chat anytime.

Mess with our family and u won't live to see another day. WE LOVE YA SIS as mentioned before.
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Hi!!! *waves enthusiastically* I just stumbled upon your profile and decided to say hi. I like your profile picture but I am too shy to start a conversation. *smiles like an idiot* I am kloveyaoi1, but you can call me Kim (my nickname) um, I like making new friends so that's all. bye! *awkward wave goodbye*