WARNING: My stories are absolute shit, I've accepted that. So if I were you I wouldn't read them, because you might lose a few brain cells in the process.

This is another update sort of thing. So, I've left the One Direction fandom and pretty much became disinterested in everything that prompted me to create this account in the first place because...reasons I guess. Everyone grows up. So I'm currently on hiatus from Wattpad, mainly because I've discovered that at least half the people on here are extremely ignorant so I'm just going to leave...for a long time. I've decided to keep this profile open because some people seem to like my stories? Not exactly sure why but thanks, especially since my stories are absolute shit and I wish to never remember any part of my life that was spent writing them...actually I don't want to remember any of my life before this point in time because I was incredibly stupid and I have a cringe attack just thinking about it....why was I so fucking stupid?

But yeah, taking hiatus, probably not coming back...and thus I close the chapter of my life where I was an ignorant, hormonal, stupid teenager that really needed to calm the fuck down. Fuck you past me, what the hell was wrong with you?

And no, the reason that I'm abandoning this profile is not because I'm going to kill myself, it's because I've grown up and actually realized that this website is basically shit. Don't argue with me on that one, you know it's true. As for the stories, I apologize for the general...actually no, the overall shit of them, I really had no clue what I was doing so I'm sorry about the brain cells that you probably lost while reading the stories.

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