My aesthetic is being gay, sin, and ice cream

Let's just forget about 2013...and any year before that

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whispersong312 whispersong312 Oct 05, 2013 08:54PM
            Okay, so updated Celebrity Roadtrip and go check them out and comment if you like them! 
            Celebrity Roadtrip:
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Killing the Dead *Discontinued*

Social data: 2.8K reads. 75 votes. 48 comments.

Description: 16 year old Allyson Darlington should be in her third year of high school, fussing about what she's going to wear for the prom or if she got a bad grade on exams......not worrying about whether or not she'll b...


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Celebrity Roadtrip

Celebrity Roadtrip

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Harry Styles is a fanboy, plain and simple. His life pretty much revolves around the British-Irish boyba...

One Shot: Babysitting One Direction

One Shot: Babysitting One Direction

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It's just a normal day in the One Direction Household....until Niall eats a carrot *NOTE* When I wrote t...

Runaways -A One Direction Fan Fic-

Runaways -A One Direction Fan Fic-

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People go missing everyday, whether from kidnapping, homicide or they just simply ran. The world is crue...


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