Hi, we are the qwirkle quartet, a group of four girls getting together to write joint stories. We have many different people writing together, and many of us don't have the same... outlook on the endings of the stories. So if there is a little bit of confusion, strange references, plot holes, or weird remarks here or there, it is because we clash sometimes. But we will always finish a story, no matter how long it takes!

Meet the gang:





Each of us already have accounts on Wattpad. Check out our stories at:

Anna: superninjamonkey10

Georgia: aye-its-lauren

Jess: theawesomebooknerd

Violet: violetcat711

How we got our name:

The game qwirkle, is a game with many different tiles that you can use in many ways, and try to essentially, create a qwirkle. When we as friends, brought together by a mutual love of writing and reading, decided to begin writing a story at a sleep-away camp one summer (White moon rising), we couldn't think of a name. By then, qwirkle had become our thing. So we were sitting around in a circle playing qwirkle thinking about a name, when one of us said- "Hey, we like qwirkle, and there's four of us (a quartet) and so maybe we should be the qwirkle quartet!" All of us absolutely loved the name at first sight (er, first hearing?) and the qwirkle quartet was born!


We vow never to plagiarize another persons work, ideas, or original phrases. If anyone plagiarizes our work, it will be punished to the full extent of the Law.

If you like something in the story, review! If you don't like it... still review! We really, really like reviews, if you can't already tell, and feedback is important to us. Following, Favorites, and PMs are always welcome, and we will try to respond to anything that comes our way. If you ask us, we will read and review your story for you. Our email is: theqwirklequartet@gmail.com

Thanks for all of the support that has been continually given,

Anna, Georgia, Violet, and Jess
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