Hi!I'm Violet!

I love to write and read! Reading is letting your mind imagine a new world straight from words where characters live and have adventures. It lets you escape from the real world for a moment. Writing lets me be able to create my own world and my own characters, with no limits. I hope you love the stories I will write and review them! I spend a lot of time to make sure everything can be the best it can possibly be. Reviewing and favoriting is always great! Especially constructive criticism, I can always get better! I also promise to never plagiarize anyone's work (see down there

If you have any questions for me you can Leave me a message me or email me.

So I just started my first story! It's called Unknown Eyes and you should really read it and review! I need all the help I can get! I hope you love it!

I also wrote a fall inspired poem and a short story focused on a Three-Wishes theme. If you have time, read those, too.

Thank you so much for all your time!

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Plagiarizing I promise to never use any other person's work as my own. It is rude and offensive. Please do not do it to me or anyone else or you will be punished.

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Oh, and my username or fictionpress is violetcat, just if you want to know more about me or read the other stories/poems Iv'e mentioned.

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Story by Violet Cat
Unknown Eyes by violetcat711
Unknown Eyes
Anaithnid lives in a strange world where the color of your eyes determines where you live, what you do, and...
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