Hi! My name is Anna, and I love to write and especially read! Hope my stories inspire you to laugh, smile, cry-any emotion is good in my book!

I will always finish a story, no matter how long it takes! I love feedback, especially constructive criticism. I make my own covers, so contact me if you need help/want me to do one for you :)

Plagiarism: Recently, I had an issue with plagiarism. Luckily it was resolved, but I just want to say that I come on this site to share my ideas, and want to become a real writer someday, and to possibly publish these stories. Please come up with your own creative ideas, because I have worked hard on mine and you will feel much more satisfaction if you do it yourself. If I find out someone else has copied my stories, it will be punished to the full extent of the Law. (Don't plagiarize: it hurts)

Going back to better and brighter things, I would love to read and review other people's stories! If you want to ask me, I'm just a PM away! I also have an email reserved for these kind of things. You can contact me there at superninjamonkey10@gmail.com

I also write with a joint group of friends. Our account on Fiction Press is called theqwirklequartet

I'm on Fiction Press too! Look me up at superninjamonkey10 for updated stories and other inside info!
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