I'm a Baker by trade, spending most of my days up to my elbows in flour. In my spare time I play softball,  write and photograph. I tend to spend a little too much time in Photoshop.
I have a college diploma in photography and I'm starting in a business degree.l
I love a good book and will stick my nose into almost anything, though fantasy is by far my favorite genre.
I live in the country with my spoiled cat and my Huntsman.

I take awhile to write anything because I go threw a least two drafts before uploading. I start off with pen and paper then type it up. So be patient with me please!

Any photos you see (like my profile pic ^^) are usually my own.
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sinsraven sinsraven Mar 13, 2013 12:38AM
@CharlotteAshley your very welcome!
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Random Poetry, Musing and Dreams

Random Poetry, Musing and Dreams

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Thoughts, dreams and poems that pop into my head.

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