The names John Smith.

I'm shy(sometimes?). I'm easy to hang out with. I'm always on crack when I'm with real people. I'm awkward. I'm random. I can't just stay still not doing anything. I know my description doesn't just go with each other. Music is 1/2 of my life and books are my stress reliever.

I don't stick to ordinary. I want to be unique in my own way. I give advices to others but find really a hard time to give myself one.

I both hate and love being alone(weird, I know).

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reader27 reader27 May 06, 2014 05:53PM
hey guys!been a long time since I logged in here..and I'm surprised that there still are supporters for my stories... Sorry for not updating any and thank you... Been busy with work -_-
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Description: It's been one horrifying month at St. Clouds University, series of killings and disappearances of students at St. Clouds' dormitory had been noted. The killer left no marks on the crime scenes and finish the...


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a compilation of plot lines of my soon-to-be made stories.

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