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For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser (Php195)
Seducing Drake Palma (Php 195)
Dating Alys Perez (Php 195)
A Latte Like Love (Php 195)
Good Girl Gone Bad (Php 195)

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Just The Strings

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Description: Sabi nila, para daw ako sa kanya... Pero paano kung hindi naman siya para sa akin? (c) Just The Benefits second generation Cover by Louise De Ramos

#14 in Romance


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Just The Benefits (Completed)

Just The Benefits (Completed)

15.4M 375K 131K

#JustTheBenefits Because strings mean more hurting... so you just want the benefits. Start: June 29, 20...

#20 in General Fiction
For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser (PUBLISHED)

For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser (PUBLISHED)

16.2M 177K 23.4K

Published under Pop Fiction! Grab your copy! :)

#121 in Teen Fiction
What You Can't Have

What You Can't Have

16.6K 339 65

(PREVIEW ONLY) (Download the app RADISH to read the whole story) Sabrina Johnson dropped everything to...

How To Tame The Bad Boy

How To Tame The Bad Boy

972K 13.6K 4.7K

[Bad Boy # 3] Not all once upon a time ends with happily ever after.

#367 in General Fiction

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