So, no one really reads these things, so I'm gonna put my Yellow List on here. (it's like a bucket list, but after each one you put an age goal)

1. Spend time as an exchange student in a Spanish speaking country (17)
2. Learn basic French (18)
3. Learn basic Sign Language (18)
4. Earn a purple belt in jiu jitsu (25)
5. Become 2nd queue in Aikido (22)
6. Participate in a triathlon (30)
7. Have had 2 different occupations (45)
8. Graduate from college (21)
9. Be a counselor at a summer camp (25)
10. Get my license! (16 and 2 months)
11. Be the one to man up (for lack of a better saying) and ask the guy out first (20)

Favorite bands
All time low
We the kings
Imagine Dragons
Walk the Moon
The Spill canvas
Breathe carolina
Flight of the conchords
Hank green
Garfunkel and Oatss
Death Cab for Cutie
Ingrid Michaelson
Regina Spektor
The Beatles
The Eagles
The Foo Fighters
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