Hello to you all who somehow founded my profile ;)ⓢ

Facts ♚
→Born in 1994 ( so count urself) in Latvia but moved to Finland about 7 years ago. ^^
→BookWorm and I regret nothing ♥
→Also a bibliobibuli ★
→At the moment working my hardest to get into UNI!!!
→I have pug obsession *^▁^* (I have a pug!!!! )
→Fluent in Russian, English and Finnish ^_^♛
→I love listening to all kind of music♬♪♩♬ (K-pop, English music, Rap, Classic, Metal ) you name them i listen to all.
→I am short 5'2 (158cm)
→I live alone with my dog( family leaves about 20min drive away thou)
→I don't have a drivers license, I drive A SCOOTER ▲▲▲
→I have a tattoo ∞
→I have a tongue piercing :p
→holes in my ears in total-> 10
▶⇩Loving ⇩

⇨Feel free to follow me on instagram sabina.anastasija

I'm friendly plus love talking to people so feel free to write me, I will always answer you ☜✔

P.S. I would really appreciate if you check out my books and tell me what you think ≧﹏≦
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    Tampere, Finland
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    4 years ago

SabinaUlonen SabinaUlonen 7 months ago
Hate that on my phone (wattpad app) my background pic looks awesome and here on computer it sucks :(  
      its just zooms too much on computer...
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