I'm MC and right now I'm distracted by a hole in my sock~

I tend to be pretty blunt and truthful (◕‿◕)
I don't need to drink to have fun or smoke to be cool (∪ ◡ ∪)
I have a crush on my iPod and it's pretty serious (。♥‿♥。)
*WARNING* I make up my own words. A lot. (◑‿◐)
I have a slight temper and tend to threaten to eat/stab/cut people when I'm mad o(≧o≦)o
My friends and I all claim to be lesbian lovers (≧◡≦)
Yeahh, I overreact. (⊙_◎)
My friends know that I can't backstab someone because I just say what I think. (╯ಊ╰)
I make mistakes. Frequently. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
I support LGBT and am STRAIGHT ┌∩┐(◠‿◠)┌∩┐
And to top it off, I'm the best thing since Chocolate (◕‿-)

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It's a Cruel World, Sir (Student/Teacher)

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Description: {Not a Vampire Romance} His tongue trails from the side of my chin to the corner of my mouth. I’m frozen on spot, barely breathing. When he pulls away, his eyes are the same shimmering silver I had seen the other night. My breathing spikes and his...

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Er, well, technically, when I wrote this, it was based in Virginia, US. Don't ask me what town, because I don't remember anymore. And the laws (in general) in United States, are very strict about these type of relationships. Especially now-a-days, people are cracking down on statutory rape. I'm pretty sure a teacher (high school, middle school, not necessarily college) could even get in trouble for texting a student, and it's frowned upon to be friends with your students on Facebook.
Skrap_ posted a message to morbidcupcake
Hey? MC, I just wanted to say that I love your stories so much. 
      Especially 'Her Other Worldly Smile'. ❤️
      It's such a beautiful book. 
      I'd just like to know when do you think you'll update it?
      I've been checking everyday for about a month now. Silly. I know. 
      I just love it so much though, and I hope you continue making your stories because they're so awesome to read.