Me. A word simple enough, but it is commonly wanted to be defined. How do we define ourselves? Say one thing, and you are too egotistical. Say another and you are far too modest or shy. So...? Where does that leave us? Making remarks about pointless things about our lives and the person we are by saying common things such as; what's our favourite colour or what we like to read. And automatically we are judged and defined. So, in complete knowing that whatever I say will define your thoughts about me, here goes. 

I find when I read or write I enter a world that is entirely my own. I choose the outcome or I finally get to live out those fairy tale moments that I have read in books for so many years. When we read we escape the world we live in and enter a realm where anything is possible, Love is true and simple, an adventure is waiting to happen as soon as you take that first step out the thresh hold, compromise is solved by saying your sorry, friends are for life instead of a moment in time and over all everything works out to be a Happily Ever After. Now who in their right mind wouldn't want that?

So, I Jessica am a hopeless romantic. It's a terrible affliction, I know. I cant change it.
I like the colours that make the twilight sky. How they blend into each other, making light shift to darkness.
I like the stars that shine when the night is clear, the way they are a glimmer of hope that the next day will bring something new and beautiful.
I don't like using the word Love, in the words of The Fray; "Those words are said too much." You should say it to the people that matter in your life, not meaningless objects of want and desire.

So, that is me, summed up in words that fill the spaces...

Last of all my favourite compile of words were said by Gandhi;
"Be the change you want to see in the wold"

And I intend to do just that. :)
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