I swear I don't abandon my stories! I prefer to post the prologues/first chapters, finish writing them, then post it all at once.
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jasmineqle jasmineqle Oct 26, 2013 05:39AM
"In fact, my verbal retardation is so profound that I feel I should be allowed to park in the disabled ..." http://wattpad.com/story/257398?utm_content=share_passage
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Well, I'll Be Damned

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Description: Seventeen year old, rogue spy Jenn has never settled in one place for more then two weeks. In order to remove any government suspicions, Sam (the uber hot guy, who happens to share the same bed with Jenn) sug...


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They came for her parents in the night. She wasn't even a minute old, yet. They killed them. Left her th...

I Brought a Blood Packet to a Fang Fight

I Brought a Blood Packet to a Fang Fight

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I've never understood my thought process and I'd rather not. I'm too scared to formally recognize my obv...

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