My heart's with all the victims. 

To Whom It May Concern:
♤ I love to read. I occasionally write (badly).
♤ I plan to be an editor of fiction books in the future.
♤ I have an open mind and love having fun arguments.
♤ I don't take any form of bullshit, bitchiness, or dishonesty.
♤ I'm a huge fangirl, and a huge sap.
♤ Crime shows are king on my DVR.
♤ I have big goals, big failures, and even bigger cynical doubts.
♤ My heroes include Harry Potter, Kim Possible, and Felicity Smoak.
♤ Fiction is my favorite genre. Think Holly Black, Cassie Clare, Sarah Dessen, etc.
♤ ♬ = ❤
♤ I'm a nineteen year old clusterfuck of contradictions.

Hi. :) Still curious? Ask me anything.
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inkdusk inkdusk Dec 25, 2013 04:55PM
@Lana_sky @AuRevoirSimone hahaha I've missed you guys SO MUCH. In the barest of the barest terms, it was my health and my schoolwork. I'll send you guys a pm to your joint account though, kay? ^^ Mer...
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One Night

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Description: When her dark love is taken, the Girl of the Moon is not happy. She goes after her Supernova Star, even if that means going straight into danger. She needs to be strong in a way she's never felt she could be...

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