Welcome~ ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

My name is Desteny~! but u can also call me Dessy or Des
Im happy that I found this site with these lovely stories and nice people ^^
I ended up writing stories too~

Facts about me:

* Im nice (sometimes)
* I live in the Netherlands which is Boring (atleast for me)
* I love reading manga and I love watching anime~ i also drawing it :3
* I love spamming things to my friends~

* Tumblr + Yaoi + being a gaming nerd = My life~
* I love being a drama queen
* I love Japanese culture! (im still trying to learn the lang)

* I love to make people laugh
* Im hella Innocent c:

* Im a Fujoshi (proud one)
* also an Otaku *pushes up glasses*

please go ahead and try my friends their stories ^__^

@_Quinn - Tia (bossy bch, but i will always love her)
@Sylphine - Pipi (Retarded lil shit, but still my adorable lil bby)
@Nerds_Irl - our shared acc

@FlyingMozart - My Long Lost Twin
@mari_1993 - My Crazy Bch
@exoticbabyangel - My Kpop Loving Friend
@Im2Sexy4MyCat - Mah Hoe

Enjoy ur self~! (⌒▽⌒)/

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wow its been 4 years...
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So Much For My Happy Ending

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