You are twenty-one and you know, you know, you know: there are too many dead things out here. Snakes and coyotes and kids with fast cars. Too many ghosts and never any haunting. You're so afraid of becoming one, but you're more afraid of what will happen if you don't.
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Stories by nat — she/her
THE GORE OF THE GLORY DAYS, the hunger games by cracker-jack
and what i really intended to say, in the end, remains unsaid. 51ST HUNGER GAMES pre-trilogy / oc cracker-jac...
PEACHES & CREAM, stan uris by cracker-jack
PEACHES & CREAM, stan uris
the blood on my teeth begins to taste like a poem , like religion , like the way you look at me. IT NOVEL +...
TO TOUCH DEATH, stranger things by cracker-jack
TO TOUCH DEATH, stranger things
and if the sea dragged us out and away, i would be satisfied. STRANGER THINGS S2 - S3 cracker-jack © 2019
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