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Shy [Liam Payne]

Social data: 144K reads. 3.3K votes. 823 comments.

Description: Shy is the main word people use to describe seventeen-year-old Marianne Brooke Tomlinson. She's the complete opposite of her older brother Louis Tomlinson. In hope to bring her out of her shell, their parents...

45 Parts - Completed

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The Prince [Zayn Malik]

The Prince [Zayn Malik]

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What would you do if you had three short months of life left? Would you be desperate to find a way out o...

Arranging Alexandria [ON HOLD]

Arranging Alexandria [ON HOLD]

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Alexandria Hayden believes she is forever alone, looking at her older siblings all in relationships. Her...

Gives You Hell [ON HOLD]

Gives You Hell [ON HOLD]

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Ever heard the song Gives You Hell by All-American Rejects? If you haven't, you should listen to it befo...

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Story Reading List

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