VIEWERS PLEASE READ THIS: First things first, you are not a stalker are you? No? Okay, then that’s settled.
*Leans in close* Are you sure? You look like one.
No? Okay then you may continue looking at my profile.
*Points fingers* I got my eye on you...stalker! 0_0

HALLO! My name is Chloe (you probably already know this because of the username -_-). However, my family have a fixation of calling me Jo (I have no idea how Joe comes from Chloe). I'm your average 19-year-old girl.
Wait, you want to know more? That's kinda creepy...but okay, here goes!

What I love:

♫ Coke (Coca Cola guys- Diet BTW)
♫ Drawing and being creative
♫ Tea (I'm from England, what do you expect?)
♫ Music (Music is life, Music is love!!)
♫ EXO (I'm obsessed with them, seriously I have been EXO'ed)
♫Family (Aw, Soppy cow, I know)
♫My 'wittle' doggie Jasper
♫Korean Drama's
♫ Sleeping (who doesn’t?)

What I Dislike:

♫ That I get bored really easily, anyone else?
♫ Fake people (please fall off a cliff)
♫ People who stab you in the back (not literally)
♫ Vegetables (Ew, their healthy *shiver* )
♫ Lying (It turns your tongue Blue)
♫ Evil teachers
♫ Maths (how is 3+n maths?)
♫ Being woken up
♫ Being disturbed when busy (Rawr, one day I will turn into a dinosaur and eat you)
♫Editing (I forgot how to spell Whale once)

Yep, that about sums me up. Just your average 19-year old that can't seem to shove off her childish antics.
I am currently reading a couple of books and James Patterson has to be all time favourite author (that old man can write!)
Please feel free to check out all my stuff and don't forget to leave a comment or vote.
Will love you forever and always my minions- I mean fans. No, I really did mean minions.
So Stalker, it has come to the end of my profile, do you feel satisfied? Have you got what you wanted? I bet you're feeling pretty creepy right now, huh?
Nah, it's okay because right now, I could be stalking you.
Just kidding...or am I?
Farewell, Minion.
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