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Charmers of Olympus Series : Trilogy of Trilogy

Enchanted I: Camster Academy (revising)
Enchanted II: Darkside of the World (editing)
Enchanted III: World of Charms (editing)

Power I: The Cold Blooded Princess (editing)
Power II: The Unpredicted Fate (editing)
Power III: The Princess's Blended Blood (editing)

Marked I: Quest From The God (on going)
Marked II: Quest for the Bloodline (editing)
Marked III: Quest from the Goddess (editing)


Kaori : Marceline Yuzura Racquel (on going)

Teen Fiction:

Sharps Or Flats (on going)


Wonderland (Draft)

"I have this feeling of wanting to know what's behind your mind."

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Kaori: Marceline Yuzura Racquel by ViWalker
Kaori: Marceline Yuzura Racquel
Tarocchi: Kaori-Baudelaire Series Series #1 Marceline Yuzura Racquel Kaori holds the eleventh tarot card - Th...
Sharps Or Flats by ViWalker
Sharps Or Flats
Admiration. Most Impressive Rankings: #2 flats ♯8 /1 ♭20 Start: August 1, 2020 --
A Collectanea by ViWalker
A Collectanea
Filled with literary works that has different types and genres. #17 in blurb
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