Hi, I'm life, hope you like my stories, have a nice day/night where ever you live. :)
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Stories by UghWhyLifeWhy
Trying by UghWhyLifeWhy
Trying Romance
I have liked the same guy for over 12 years now, we have a huge back story together, and we have been together as friends for our whole lives but only now are things finally changing for me, and hes changing a long...
Before Then by UghWhyLifeWhy
Before Then Romance
Writing about the now never worked, and no one ever wants to read about whats happened now. You write about the before, because before they were them, there had to have been a then. Written By Rae West Edited By Me...
Weeks by UghWhyLifeWhy
Weeks Short Story
She weird, she never made sense. She's different but always the same, she's her but never who she wants to be. And she's gone as the weeks move on.