The names Tricia!
i love to read..
thats actually the main reason im on wattpad
I have never wrote a story before
and im kinda nervous to start writing my own story
But i figured i would give it a try
if i like a story i will usually always comment..and vote :)
though when i comment i write whats on my mind..
its up to you to take it as a good thing or bad!
i am a nice person unless you do something to get on my bad side.
i have a wonderful boyfriend named Michael and a 8month old daughter named Zoey
She has an older sister named Cloie..those three mean everything to me!
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Finding true love!

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Description: When madison has a fight with her boyfriend jason her best friend Caitlin tells her that there going to a party that she was invited to. at first madison was set on not wanting to go but when they started gett...


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