I like: movies,books, sweets, chocolate, big huggable cushions, making awkward silences, laughing at randoms times, disney classics, all time low, breaking benjamin, bring me the horizon, may day parade, digital summer, three days grace, linkin park, nevershoutnever, green day, nirvana, santa's beard, other bands, music, nice weather, mucking about, pranks, dares, pairing my friends up, embarrassing people, snow, the pitter-patter of rain, awesome hair cuts, lame jokes- they crack me up, shouting random things for no reason at all, meeting new people, discovering new diabolical schemes, pinky and the brain, tv shows, reading, photography, nachos, fizzy drink, sugar highs!!!

<3 Awesome McAwesome people I knowies, off the top of me head!! <3

WildRose393- WILDO!! Shhh...don't tell the institute we ran away...*tucks and rolls away*
lozzababe_xx- LoLo!! Awesome person who is a serial bread stick killer and is great to talk to!
imninja- Ninjajajajajaja, what can I say she's a Ninja!
Chaseme- Chasey/ DUMDUM, the nickname DUMDUM says it all...*snickers*
Immortal_Iris- PIE!! Well she's awesome as...well...pie!
dipsyz- DIPPY WHIPPY! *whispers* She carries around a lethal daisy!! Never underestimate The Daisy
WrittenDeep- G! She has an epic name and is COOLIO!! *grins*
krazy_kd- Well I just call her Krishy, but she's a well known Mr. Santie Perv...*smiles evilly*
JoeyWuzCookyMonster- JOBO/ Penelope! He's gone poof apparently... D:

Please leave any reading requestos on my message board and I'll comment and vote and fan if I likey it!!!
Now go forth and spread the word...XD I have no idea what I'm talking about.

When in doubt... make monkey noises!!
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    Playing twister with Santa...(if he falls I'm dead :S)
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    Jun 26, 2011 09:29AM
ATransparentSecret ATransparentSecret Nov 22, 2014 04:04AM
NEW CHAPPY OF SSA UP! Go check it out people, I swear it will get less confusing... *crosses fingers behind my back* mwahahaha... I joke I joke, it will! XD
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Description: " I am stuck in the middle of nowhere with seven amazingly hot sexist guys, the King-of-Assholes and my evil Grammy, for the whole summer. Why, God, why?!"


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