Iceland: Why am I back...
Norway: I was bored. So I came back.
Denmark: B-but, it's fun being with everyone! Right!
Finland: Thaat's right!
Sweden: ...sure...


Hello. I'm Iceland. But some people prefer to call me Emil. I don't really care.
We will get along if you do not like Norway.

That's mean, Iceland. *pouts*
Hello. I'm Norway. Or Lukas. Whatever.
I'm bored.

Hi! I'm Denmark! You can call me Mathias if you want, I think it's a pretty cool name!
You guys should totally stop by for a drink!

Hey, I'm Finland! People call me Tino because it's shorter, so feel free to do so~
My family's great, but they can be sometimes...


((Yes, you heard us! We are back!
For those of you who don't remember us or have never met us, we're five siblings who love Hetalia. Yup yup.
Finland's admin: You can call me Fin~
Sweden's admin: And I Su.
Iceland's admin: I guess I'll be Ice.
Norway's admin: Then I'm Nor...?
Denmark's admin: And Den!
We're gonna hope this turns out okay xD
Su's Kimi to Boku rp account: @KanameTsukahara
Fin's sort of inactive rp account: @EhItsCanada
Fin's other weird very not active rp account: @LukeZwingli
Nor's never been used rp account: @Seychelles
Ice's other inactive rp account: @ZhongGuo
Shut up, the rest of us are too lazy to get other accounts, alright?
It's gonna be super hard for us to get on now because our parents have banned us from anime and manga and anything japanese. They even blocked this website from our home computer, so this is us at school T_T So if we aren't as active, sorry!))
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