Who am I? I'm Corsica Bonnefoy (used to be Kirkland.) I'm a single mother, a loyal friend, and a stubborn soul. *laughs* I've gone through Hell & back, but I'm okay now. I really am. I have great friends. Dero, Del... I'm sure there are others... maybe. Anyway, I'm divorced and have been for 7 years... my little girl is growing up. She still asks about her dad. Sometimes I tell her. She's about 4'7. Her hair is still curly and black as ever, and she still has his sparkling green eyes. It's amazing. And she talks. A LOT. Am I the only one that remembers she didn't speak until she was four? Ah, anyway. I'd love to....talk. To catch up. It's been a while. God knows it. I'm still....good ole me. Oui??? Motherly, so I suggest you just...stay away if you think the hugging faded out. It didn't. *smiles* And as for Tessa...she's changed. Quite a bit. But she's still her deep down. Thank you all, loves. Your affection....it means a lot.

Hello, there! Mum says I shouldn't be so talkative, but I make her smile. Its all that matters. Sometimes she gets sad. I guess it's cause dad left us. But she's getting better! One of mum's friends brought me a dress. I love it. It's velvety red. If I'm not wearing my favorite pirate attire of brown pants and an off white well-worn button up, I'm in that! I like pirate things. Mum kind of discourages it, but, oh well. Also, apparently I'm a lot more sophisticated than she, or anyone expected me to be. Well, if you're one of those people mum talks to be about all the time, those heroes of her heart, I think we need to speak! Well, enough from me. ~Collette Kirkland

Whelp, Hallå. It's me, Tessa. I'm into a lot of things, right now. Learning Russian, writing my books. Saving people, hunting things. The family business. But yes. I'm still me for the most, however. So,if you are a friend of mine, I suggest you give speaking to me another shot. For you that I thought were my friends but forgot about me, well, you can talk, too! Bye. €:
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LovetheRainXD LovetheRainXD Mar 01, 2013 05:39PM
@Soulless_lover13 nuuuu!!!! Heck naw!!!! I will drop u off on the side of the road!!!! XD hej.... Woah now chica. XD Olivia will protect me!!! XD 
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