Well hello there. The name is Erica; Erica Gene. I'm twenty years old from New England and a full time student while still trying to figure myself and my life out. I've been running around Wattpad for six years now and I'm finally getting serious about my writing so you can look forward to some intense projects.

This is me:
- Music
- Literature
- Coffee & Tea
- Writing
- Cats
- Animals
- Humor Enthusiast
- Shadowhunter
- Gamer Trash
- Tumblr User

Some things you should know about me are:

1. As much as I love writing, I'm a very lazy writer. I'm also my own biggest critic so I hate on my own work a lot. This causes my work to take much longer to complete but I'm working on changing that.

2. I'm still learning about writing and trying to incorporate my new knowledge in my writing so bear with me..

3. I also need everyone to understand that I suffer from major depression and am going through continuous suicidal tendencies so forgive me if I don't have the motive or time to write.

4. I have so many more book ideas and revisions I plan to make for my currently existing books so for those of you who enjoy my writing, ain't seen nothing yet!
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ThatPsychoErica ThatPsychoErica Jan 20, 2016 06:40AM
Hello my lovelies. Just a quick little update I thought some of you may like to know is that due to some personal issues I've decided to take the spring semester off of school to sort myself out. Thi...
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