Well hello there. The name is Erica; Erica Gene. I'm 19 years old from New England. Some things you should know about me are:

1. As much as I love writing, I'm a very lazy writer. I'm also my own biggest critic so I hate on my own work a lot.

2. I'm still learning about writing and trying to incorporate my new knowledge in my writing so bear with me.

3. Some personal info would be:
Music is my life.
All Time Low ♥
Pierce the Veil ♥
Paradise Fears ♥
A Day To Remember ♥
Panic! At The Disco ♥
3 Doors Down ♥
Fall Out Boy ♥
And Many Others.

4. I also need everyone to understand that I suffer from major depression and am going through continuous suicidal tendencies and have attempted suicide twice this year. So forgive me if I don't have the motive or time to write.

5. I have so many more book ideas and revisions I plan to make for my currently existing books so for those of you who enjoy my writing, ain't seen nothing yet!
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    Billerica MA
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Small Bundle of Tantrums

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Description: A very rough collection of non-rhyming poems and short stories. The poems mostly involve my personal experiences; some involving love, and friendship, others involving lose, depression, and anxiety. Enjoy. S...


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Story Reading List

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