Dear readers,

Here are a few words of wisdom: never dwell on the bad things in life. Life is always changing, growing, healing, repairing, and of course, destroying. For a while, it may seem like everything is lost and it’s impossible to be happy again, but just remember that with hope, things will get better.
Never give up on hope. Never doubt, never fear, never dwell and mope. According to quantum physics (an advanced science), thinking negatively will attract negative things towards you. Haven’t you ever wondered why there’re those people that seem cursed with bad luck? They’re always in a bad mood, right? Well, it’s not just a coincidence. So please, just remember that things will get better, and never give up on hope!
Be happy. I want to see everybody happy. I want your hopes and dreams to come true, I want this world to be filled with cheer and mirth. Sorrow has NO hand here! Let’s all try to make this world a better place, okay? After all, I’m sure there’s not one person that truly enjoys being sad.

With love,
Miss Sorrow

P.S. -- I have a real name, but due to nosy friends and family, I've given myself the pen name Madeline Blythe. If you remember my real name, please seal those flappy typing fingers :P Thanks!

My second account is @Asgardian :)

~ A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S ~

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Ladies and gents! I've posted a new story called "Remember Me." It's a work in progress and it's still kinda sloppy, but I'd love to hear what you think! As a student in the Navy, I've had little tim...
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覚えていて 僕のことを - Remember Me

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Description: After hundreds of thousands of years of searching, the god could only hope to reunite with his beloved. But even with all the power in the world within reach, he never fathomed an ending like this.


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