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Hi, I'm M, a '99 Gemini! I identify as a grey-panromantic ace (that's still struggling to not isolate myself all the time ha), talker, and an intersectional-feminist. Pseudo social-psyche professor. Lover of introspection. Professional Procrastinator. Words and language fascinate me because they can describe and communicate the abstract/tangible. Agnostic/Secular Humanist. Christianity hater (born and raised in it). Interested in theology and irony. (So, it's no surprise my stories may hold these themes, wink wink.)

☆Redbull: Music. Film. Writing. Reading. Philosophy. Haitian & Mexican food.

☆Kryptonite: Cheese, as in keep it away from me (I can deal with it on not too cheesy pizza, gr8 burgers, and Haitian macaroni & cheese). It's disgusting.

☆My raging, imaginary boner for politics and distractions isn't going anywhere.

▰F u t u r e P l a n s/ E x t r a S h i t▰
Philosophy and Religion major. My ultimate goal is to fuck off, but in the meantime teaching, trying to construct a cohesive story, becoming a couch potato, or a librarian, are great possible distractions. I'm not very ambitious.
I'm a casual DC fan, love tv shows, and I'm a Studio Ghibli (and gr8 anime in general)-fanatic.

▰B H R (R e v i e w B o o k)▰
I only accept/do reviews through BHR! If anyone has any questions I have an FRQ page! Feel free to PM me if you need any tips on anything (besides BHR), I don't bite.

☆Note: I don't do vote 4 votes/follow 4 follow/read 4 reads. ☆

☆T a g g i e s☆

▰U P D A T E▰
✿I deleted Off the Grid because it high key was a fucking mess that needed to be destroyed. I may rewrite it in the future---ha? The future is now, I guess. God. Why am I so indecisive? Read it, don't read it--I just want to complete the thing ffs! UPDATE: 1/5/18. The day Wattpad chose OTG to be featured in Diverse Picks. Plot twist, huh? ✿

☆H a p p y R e a d i n g! (◕ᴥ◕)ノ☆*★゚*♪☆
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