I'm 13 years old and I love fanfictions. I have a lot of ships. I have gone through depression. Writing and reading made it all better.
My birthday is October 8. So I'm a freaking Libra but no hate against libras cause I'm one. Well that's confusing.

⚫️ - I don't know who my father is. I've never met him. Cause my mom had a SD.

⚫️- I have two moms and a father figure. I have a mom that's my actual mom and then another one. I don't think they are lesbian. They always tell me just really great friends who take care of me and my sister. My father figure is my mom's friend who has been with us forever. He comes over every Sunday and is here for everything. He's like a dad to me.

⚫️- I have a African American mom and A native American mom. So I have a white family and a black family. My families are combined and all love each other. So I have a lot of family to go around. I have millions of cousins. But I love it because they all love me and I love them.

⚫️- I have no idea what my race is. Well I'm mixed. Since I don't know my dad. I don't know what's my other racist. But my 2nd mom told me about him. Turns out he was mixed with a whole bunch of races. So I'll list some:

African American
&and Native American.

I also found out that I am part Pacific islander as well. The list never ends


Quote:"Who would choose a daisy in a field of roses"

Quote:"We're all crazy it's not a competition"

Quote:" She wasn't looking for a Knight,She was looking for a sword."

So I'm mixed with everything. Well that's me. I guess. My life is strange. 😁
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ON MY BOOK MY CRAZY LIFE.I wrote a song. Could you please check it out and tell me what you think?You don't have to. But please.
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