Hi my name is Sonja, 

Having just been on Wattpad after two years of doing to International Baccalaureate (if you know what this is this should mean something to you), I realised it is rather out of date. I now have an extended summer holiday until September reserved mostly for writing!
I am hoping to write a first draft of 'Two Sisters; Two Lives; Two Stories' within the next month, so I should be updating it after that.
I also have a few stranger things to upload because although I haven’t been working on my stories while doing the IB, I have started writing poetry. Particularly poetry about maths (I know, it does sound very strange). So if your mathematically minded or not, please check it out and tell me what you think, I am more than happy to explain all the maths references in it.
If there are any of the things I have written that you particularly like, than please comment and I should find time to write more of them.
Look forward to haring all your amazing opinions and happy reading.
(please note, some of the work on this page has not been updated or edited for at least two years, if any mistakes are found point then out, I am terrible at spotting mistakes myself.

Thank you and enjoy,

If you ever see ¡° in my work it means speech marks (“). Its something strange that that word processor I use sometimes does. I do try and correct it but it normally just turns them all back again.
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See, Hear, Smell, Taste and Feel Slovenia

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Description: If I said, “I'm going to Slovenia.” would it mean anything to you? I can't say it did for me either, that is until I signed up to go on an expedition there. Despite the number of people who haven't heard about it, Slovenia is the most amazing place...


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Two Sisters; Two Lives; Two Stories

Two Sisters; Two Lives; Two Stories

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two sisters; two lives; two completely different stories. we are twins, no we're not. I am not related...

Mathematical Poetry

Mathematical Poetry

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Short Stories by Sonja Dengler

Short Stories by Sonja Dengler

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These are some short stories I have written about different things that suddenly piped up in my head and...

a selection of Poetry

a selection of Poetry

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Sorry if there is any confusion but although Slovenia may not be in Italy, it borders on Italy, so the part about Italy is describing when I was in a small village called Robidisce, that is about 15 minutes from the Italian border, so one evening I took a walk there. The trek to Robidisce was also over a high mountain called Stol, where the lights in the distance at night where from Italy.