About me: 
Sports: basketball and soccer
Fav music: country and Christian
Fav genres: Inspirational fiction, mystery, action, romance. Basically anything not to creepy and nothing gross.
Favorite games: blokus, solitaire, mofia

What I'm working on:
Music of Life
What to do when a flower blooms
Grasping the Grave
Attacking Angels
Blood Red Perfection
Jess' Story

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more to come :)

I love all if my fans, they are the best. I try to keep my promises when I say I will read something, but hey, we all make mistakes. Ask me to read your story any way except for putting it as a link on my story.
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Ashlynne Ashlynne Feb 26, 2012 09:13PM
Hey there guys, I know I've been terrible at the whole getting on and actually posting something. I'm sorry for that, but hopefully I'll be inspired enough to write something. So, again, sorry it's b...
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Jess's Story

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Blood Red Perfection

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What would you do if someone in your town mysteriously disappeared without warning? What if your the onl...

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A tornado hits an unsuspecting town during the middle of the day, students are at school, parents are at...

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Grasping The Grave (On Hold)

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What to do When a Flower Blooms (On Hold)

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They've been together through thick and thin... They've comforted each other, helped each other... They...

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