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Hi-ya! I am so proud of Team Diamond, a group of talented actors and artists I put together to bring my Sonic Fan Fictions to life! Check out our YouTube page.


SatAM Goes BOOM! Ⓣ
Something funky happens that causes SatAM Sonic to switch universes with Boom Sonic.

Shadowless World Ⓣ 🔊
Shadow is trapped in a dystopian version of his world, a place that shows him what life would be like, had he not survived the fall in Sonic Adventure 2.

Fickle Hedgehog Village Ⓣ 🔊
Team Sonadow comes out of the closet to the village, but reactions from the town's people are mixed.

Eggman VS Sonadow Ⓣ
Eggman's evil scheme to undo Sonadow causes a rift in time and space!

Diamond in the Sky Ⓣ 🔊📹
A sweet, little tale about Rouge the Bat and her obsession with a certain futuristic diamond.

Infinite Sadness Ⓣ 🔊
An angel and a devil are both after Infinite's soul, while all the jackal wants, is to disappear.

Ghost in the Maze Ⓣ
A castle dwells on Seaside island but no one's ever been inside. One day, an invitation from a mysterious, fire-powered princess allows the Ultimate Mercenary to enter.


Watch Dogs of the ARK Ⓜ
Infinadow AU, post Sonic Forces, Infinite ends up on the ARK, where a completely different Shadow takes a visceral liking to him.


Raven's Work Book
Sterling's Art Book
Silver Art Book
Jackal Art Book
Penny's Art Book


A Questionably Long Darkwing Story Ⓣ
Darkwing Duck | Shadow the Hedgehog

Devil in My Mind Ⓜ
Teen Titans | Devil May Cry


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Stories by Dana Rose
Raven's Work Book by RoseyDanes
Raven's Work Book
Devils | Titans | Art
Devil in My Mind by RoseyDanes
Devil in My Mind
Little Raven makes a birthday wish, a new father to replace Trigon, to cut off Deathstroke's head! Ⓜ Titans X...
SatAM Goes BOOM! by RoseyDanes
SatAM Goes BOOM!
Boom Sonic can't figure out why the heck he woke up in SatAM's dystopian Robotropolis, where Hedgehog Village...
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