Thank You for visiting my page and looking at all of my stories. I am not a writer. I dabble in the art of writting. I have other plans in my life besides becoming an author. But I love to write and I write for me because it makes me happy. I also love to read so if you have any suggestions or would like me to read your stories just send me a private message and I would be happy to get to it when I can. 
Fun Facts:
I used to be in the Air Force. I worked in Ammo. For those of you who don't know what that means: I built bombs.
I have a little terrier mix named Durin. If you can tell me where that came from you will get a cookie. If you can tell me what that means you will get two cookies!
I have a ball python named Ace who is my guard snake. He is a very good snake and is very lovable.
I have a fish named FBRRN and I forgot what that stands for so don't ask. He's moody and planning world domination.
Yes I am trying to build a small Zoo in my apartment.
Most of what I have posted so far was posted over 3 years ago. My writing style has changed. So don't be surprised if you read something and go "that is not anything like what I've read before." I've seen some sh!t. I've grown up a lot. I am not the same person I was three years ago, so don't expect my stories to be the same as they were three years ago. I am human I am ever evolving.
I've been having a very difficult time writing lately so I am going through and changing A LOT of stuff in my editing process. Before my stories were unedited because I would just spit them out and post them. They were like my little babies . In my brain they were perfect even with all the spelling and grammar issues. Now that I have some perspective I am going through and editing them.
While reading keep in mind that I know what I'm doing if something seems incorrect for impossible (ie Eli's color blindness) realize I probably have an explanation. My character have layers.
Pi is awesome!
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Demonic Attributes

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Description: Ezra has no idea who she was before she woke up in the middle of hell. But because of a certain set of skills she seems to possess she is now Lucifer's personal assassin. But not by choice. Lucifer is holding the soul of a boy Ezra feels like she mu...

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Two stories in one day! whaaaaaat! I am just going crazy over here! Probably sleep derivation mixed with sleeping making meds that really have little to no effect on me except to make my brain move faster than ever! So little fluffies  check out the latest chapter of "Catch Me if You Can" and "Demonic Tendencies" (However if you have not read the first books for either I would strongly recommend doing so because it's difficult to follow if you don't. You would be all "What da huh? Is going on?" (oh and the weird language is really just me trying to curb my swearing habit. Apparently said words are "offensive" but I see them as words to better express my feelings in life). Any who, yeah read the first books before you dive into the two I just updated.) However if you don't want to read a complete story and move onto the unfinished book in either series you can always check out my other two stories and tell me how you feel about them. I do not update well, just a warning. You should tell me about your thoughts on all the stories! I very much love thoughts! Any what, I'm going to stop rambling and try to go to sleep.
      Pi is awesome!
      ~Riam Lee

Your idea sounds awesome! Honestly what I do is I pitch the idea to the artist and see their interpretation. That way it's actually something they would like to tattoo. But never be afraid of demanding exactly what you want because its your expression of  yourself. I just see it as something that was very ugly turning beautiful. As far as dying of anticipation goes I must ask you not to I would be very sad of you died.

I will. I promise. As usual life happens. I'm trying to get back into the swing of writing but it's difficult so I'm trying to write here and there. I took a really long break from this so I kinda forgot the whole plot line of this.  So I am trying to recreate everything. I still have Cammi's planned out though.