Okay I am SO sorry to the followers of my old GillySwag account, my mother made me deactivate the account so I am now secretly making a new one, she was over my shoulder WATCHING me deactivate the account. Okay so my stories I had on the account are gone, they weren't saved anywhere because I never thought something like this would happen. I will make new stories some might be similar to my old but I'm trying guys, I hate that all the hard work I did went down the drain.
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Stories by Shontae Walker
Please Don't Kill Us by Ravishing_Melancholy
Please Don't Kill Us
They did exactly what we asked them not to do, they killed us, well, almost all of us. I'm still alive, I'm s...
The Island Princess by Ravishing_Melancholy
The Island Princess
She was a princess of her own island. Well... At least in her own mind.
Fade by Ravishing_Melancholy
fade fād verb 1. gradually grow faint and disappear.
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