For the Damned

For the Damned

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- ̗̀Rachael ̖́- By clarifications Updated Aug 18

When Kol Bennett is found after eighteen months of being missing, everyone is expecting her to name the monster who took her. 

The only problem is that she can't remember who did it. 

Diagnosed with retrograde episodic memory loss, Kol can't remember anything- not even her own name. She doesn't know her family, her friends, or the boy who says that they were secretly seeing each other before she went missing. 

Then she gets a note from the person who took her, telling her that they're waiting for her. 

With no memory, a boy who says that he's there to help, and clues left in a diary she didn't know she had, Kol has to race against the clock and find out who took her before they can fulfill their promises and find her again.

Is this in French or italian? Because in french, it means "and you, jackass?"
spacegirlbabe spacegirlbabe Aug 18, 2016
"...meaning "and you, Brutus?" or "you too, Brutus?", purportedly as the last words of the Roman dictator Julius Caesar to his friend Marcus Brutus at the moment of his assassination."
HauLa_Taqya HauLa_Taqya Jan 16
tashtypes tashtypes Oct 20, 2016
Hey Rachael! This has been in my reading list for a while now! Very excited to read this 😍
bundledchaos bundledchaos Apr 30, 2016
I wrote this line in every answer on my English could you not? Those three words are the essence of the entire play.
hunny- hunny- Jun 08, 2016
i've used this so many times in my writing, anything related to Julius Caesar is amazing so i'm already into this oh god