Hi! I am Kira and some know me as Wifey

I have a joint account with @ShazzWazza its @Edible1CaptainsWifey dont forget to check it out! xxx

I'm a mom, sister, daughter, wifey, and lover so I have a busy life. I have one boy & two girls. I just gave birth to my youngest daughter on may 28th.I love my kids & husband Denny with all of my heart. Family is very important to me.I love to read adult stories, vampire, werewolf, and mysteries.

I have made a lot of friends that have became my family on wattpad and I dont have enough time or room to name you all but Shaz my big sis, Elena, Mistress, Tara, David, Christi, and Kev just to name a few. Thank you guys so much for being the amazing people you are!
For those of you i didnt name you know who you are and what you mean to me.

I love movies! I have seen probably ever vamp movie out there! I am addicted to true blood! I love Eric Northman aka alexander so delicious the things I would do to that man.....yum!
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    in paradise with my sexy captain!!
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