- is a procrastinator by birth.
-Loves: Singing. Writing. Reading. English as a language. Netball. Bunnies. Music.

-Currently Reading: To Love A Criminal by i_am_ifee -Annoyed At Herself Because... :
She reads too many books and writes way less.
She procrastinates
She's a sponge, absorbing the world's negativity.
She's always confused over passion and practicality

Hopefully Wattpad is the site that helps her grow as a writer. To every newcomer out there, you are not alone. Unfortunately, she doesn't take reading requests because of the many books she has already saved. She prefers to seek not receive books.

Guys and girls, support POC books. Enough with hate speech. Let's spread love.

And also, she's...

Insane - because sane people don't create magic - we do.

Loves a wattpadder named Qurencia_Espoir not forgetting OdessaDavid101.

If lucky, she posts if not, too bad.
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