I'm a writer. Writer first.

I'm fluent-ish in sign language. It's a big passion of mine, and I'm hoping for it to become a career someday. It's awesome man.

I'm asexual. That's a thing. I'm also panromantic, so I have the capacity of loving anybody, regardless of gender. If I think you're attractive and you make good puns, I'm in. I'm also agender, so I don't really have a gender. I'm just me. I don't fit in the binary genders. I'm not male or female. I use they/them pronouns. Any questions? Message me! Don't be a jerk.

I'm taken by a super cute Brit by the name of @emgeebee31. We met here on Wattpad. 5-9-15.

I'm autistic, so that's sort of important. I'm high functioning, but I also have severe anxiety and depression, so it seems like I'm worse than I am sometimes. My biggest "special interest" is writing my fanfics. And the Avengers. But I have countless obsessions, mainly my fandoms or my social justice-y things.

Let's try and count my obsessions, shall we?

-The Avengers
-Any thing MARVEL really
-Music of all sorts, though Twenty One Pilots is a favorite.
-Doctor Who
-Hunger Games
-Rainbow Rowell
-John Green
-Suicide Squad
-The Hobbit
-Dan and Phil
-Lord of the Rings
-Parks and Rec
-Old records
-Old movies
-LGBT things
-Probably more but I can't think of em.

So okay, random quotes now.


"Team free will. One ex blood junkie, one dropout with 6 bucks to his name, and Mr. Comatose over there."

"Is Hannibal in love with me?"

"It's funnier in Enochian"

"What? You didn't see that coming?"

[x] 100 reads
[x] 500 reads
[x] 1,000 reads
[x] 10k reads
[x] 100k reads
[] 500k reads
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