"People congratulate me. I just tell them God is good." -- J Cole

I live by that quote, and I hope I always will. It demonstrates a humbling attitude, and I try to keep that in mind every step of this crazy journey of success that I have been lucky enough to embark on.

Now me? You want to know about moi? I don't have much about myself that I would be willing to put on the internet, but I'll give it a try.

I'm a girl who writes, and writes from the heart. Everything and anything I write has a piece of me and a piece of my soul poured into it. Aside from that, I'm a regular (LOL jk) teenage girl that enjoys shoe shopping, cheesecake, and fangirling.

And my favorite thing about this world is: Hopes and dreams and aspirations are not fulfilled on the basis of what religion you are or the color of your skin, but on the basis of what's in your heart.

What else, what else? OH! OH! If you have any questions and want to stay anonymous or you don't have a Wattpad/Twitter/Tumblr account, you can ask me on


Twitter: @SimplyAaisha
Tumblr: @SimplyAaisha

PO Box!
No. 954136
Lake Mary, Florida, 32795

If you want to talk, just message me. I don't bite. I'd love to talk to you, no matter who or what you are.

Last thing: Live beautifully, celebrate regularly, reflect constantly, and of course...love unconditionally. ♥

Have a wonderful day filled with love and happiness and laughter and cupcakes and all the lovely things in this worldddd,
Ash ♥
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It's not haraam to fall in love nor to interact with the opposite gender as exemplified by many hadith. I could write a story where every Muslim is ideal and every situation works itself to be halal but that isn't going to be an accurate depiction of life nor will it help or educate people on what Muslims are like.

You're making the assumption that hardcore is a bad thing which it's not. The context in which the guy was mentioned in wasn't faulting him for expressing his love for his faith, it was that he was doing so at the expense of disrespecting other people's faiths which is what Farah was relating. This encounter was taken directly out my everyday experiences where I have been approached MULTIPLE times by people who preach their love for Jesus while simultaneously literally telling me I'm lost and misguided and what I believe isn't true and I'm going to hell if I don't convert
is it not insane to read books and not get enough of them , Bcz that's Wat I feel bout ur books I've read them all. I'm just so in love with the way u write about Islam it goes straight into my heart. I just can't explain. your books are best Islamic books here on wattpad. you should be rewarded (:
      can you update Battered, with love please 
      Jazakallah (: