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  • Islamic Short Stories
    90.7K 3.2K 30

    Read about goodness. Spark an inspiration.

  • Pure Love
    127K 3.2K 16

    A bunch of romantic chapters connected to Diamonds & Pearls. Let the halal love game begin :) -Mostly Zayna & Noor. *Note-There may also be some random stuff so don't be too confused >.< **Note: If you haven't read Diamonds & Pearls, you may be confused by some parts in this book :P So go check it out.

  • Diamonds & Pearls
    1.1M 30.2K 37

    Daleela is fifteen, hormonal, and all around your average teenage Muslim girl. Well, you know, if being a Muslim girl in America is what you call average to start with. She has a quick temper, an overly soft heart, and to add to that she's constantly fighting to do the right thing. But what happens when choosing to do...