Battered, With Love

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Aaisha Sanaullah (call me Ash!) By LoveUnconditionally Updated 7 months ago
Hamza and Eiliyah used to be childhood enemies and best friends. After years, they're finally separated from each other. English class they see each other again after a year. It's like the entire world spirals out of control as weird coincidences and feelings have them re-thinking everything.
    They have to read a book in English class, and that's where it begins.
    The book--Eiliiyah's copy--holds the answers to all the questions spinning around in her head. Questions about her childhood enemy, her former best friend, her brother's deafness, her mother's silence, her sister's anger. It's all in this book.
    One book. One copy. Battered, with love.
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honestly...i <3 your stories. if you get it published...i would TOTES buy it ;D
Can't wait to read this. The description is great so it's sound like an awesome book :)
Ooooh, parallel plots *rubs hands together* this should be interesting :D
This seems like a really good story. Looking forward for more great chapters, in shaa Allah. :)
Happy Belated Birthday, Mama-Ash! 
                                    @LoveUnconditionally Ive read the first 2 chapters....simply amazing! Oh and not to mention how they met! LOL;D