W  h  e  n     Y o u    H a v e     A  n   A n n o y i n g   F r i e n d

And I have somehow deleted said book. Whoops? Do not worry I will write it again!

I have written a book! Hallelujah! It's probably really bad but it's your choice if it's bad or good so maybe read it, Just dabble in it, or you know jump into the deep end not knowing how to swim. Don't try it kids.

I am a strong believer in Jesus Christ, love him, praise him. He died on the cross for us. I don't hate the LGBTQ community. No hate, there is freedom of religion, also a freedom of speech but we need to use those freedoms in the right way.

Being a responsible person, I should say that you should be careful on the Internet... But who said I was responsible in the first place.

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