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Hey everyone, I'm Francesca! Welcome to my little corner of Wattpad. I'm a featured author and the Co-Captain of @Fantasci , as well as a Wattpad dinosaur (2011, represent!).

Words written in 2016: roughly 595,000. Goal for 2017: 800,000 +. Currently: 17.5k

And these are my books!

Featured in Teen Fiction:
Star-Crossed (teen fic/paranormal) - #37 teen fic

1. The World Series
Edge of the World - #6 fantasy
Rise of the World - #39 fantasy
Fall of the World

2. North Sea Trilogy
Daughter of the Sea - #10 Fantasy
Queen of the Sea - #69 Fantasy
Tyrant of the Sea - TBA

3. Dragon-Blood Trilogy
Cold-Blooded - #78 Fantasy
Fire-Blooded - TBA

1. The Supernova Chronicles
Deal of a Scorpion - #121 Science Fiction
Dare of a Snake - TBA
Destiny of a Siren - TBA
Death of a Star - TBA
Dust of a Sky - TBA

Stand-Alone Novels and Short Stories:
Broken Clock - #128 Historical Fiction #868 Romance
Mistress of Acheron - #146 Paranormal
Beauty and the Blasphemous - #713 Short Story
Demon Touch - #281 in Horror
Wanderlust - #170 in Chicklit
Supernova: A Short Story Collection

I love fantasy for its ability to go outside of the realms of normal human understanding and by doing so, learn more about life itself. Historical fiction holds second place in my heart. If you want to read Harry Potter fan fiction, check out my other profile: @tabidesu .

Thanks for reading my profile! I hope you enjoy my books.

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Star-Crossed by masheena
Star-Crossed #38 in Teen Fiction
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Deal of a Scorpion by masheena
Deal of a Scorpion #935 in Fantasy
When a star dies, everyone born under its constellation will suffer a fatal disease. There is only one cure, and it's running out. There is a limited supply of the cure, a mineral named Ethiria, and only one perso...
Cold-Blooded by masheena
Cold-Blooded #112 in Fantasy
A dragon trainer who can't feel emotions, Rowan and her twin brother Izem are revered in the town of Cunya for their skill in taking care of newborn dragons. When a poison seeps into the infant dragon training cent...
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