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Most of my work is based on the Modern Sonic AU @Skyuuto has created on Twitter.
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Stories by Kidara
Mind control - Evil!Sonic - Sonadow by Kidara_1
Mind control - Evil!Sonic - Sonadow
Evil!Sonic x Shadow | Sonadow | R18+ &quot;From the opened door he could see his captor, being that none othe...
Getting rough with you - Sonadow by Kidara_1
Getting rough with you - Sonadow
Sonic and Shadow having some rough, kinky and hateful action. WARNINGS: Strong sexual content!! Only 18+ ple...
Rough Fighting - Sonadow by Kidara_1
Rough Fighting - Sonadow
Sonic and Shadow were fighting almost as usual, but when Shadow took the cobalt by the neck, he started to gi...