B.A.P one shots/Imagines (K-pop) {close for requests} by Hanlo_3
B.A.P one shots/Imagines (K-pop) {... by Hanlo Fanfiction
B.A.P's ONE SHOTS........... REQUESTS WILL ALWAYS STAY CLOSE!! Please don't pm me what you want in the comments\inbox me\board massegs cause I'm so busy and I lost my w...
💙thanks💙 by poison_Fernandez
poison's Instagram by poison_Fernandez
poison's Instagram by poison_Fernandez Random
my Instagram which will hopefully be updated every day ^-^
drawings^3^ by ClosedAccountofMay
drawings^3^ by ilovecosplays Random
mah drawings ^-^
Randomness (  ͯ ᴥ  ͯ ) by HermioneKNanase
Randomness ( ͯ ᴥ ͯ ) by Yoosung Kim 💚💚 Random
This is just a book where I put random stuff about meh random life. :3 "Being normal is good, but being weirdly random is better" ~Me (Lol I suck a quotes xD) ...
¿Qué escondes detrás de esa máscara? by yva1340
¿Qué escondes detrás de esa máscar... by yva1340 Random
son 2 personajes de un mundo que cree :3 flow[un lobo] blim[un dramal, que pronto haré un libro que explicara mi mundo .-. que es largo?] °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°...
Ask/Dare SEPTIPLIER~ =3 by NerdyKatt123
Ask/Dare SEPTIPLIER~ =3 by Genius is one thing, Nerdy is... Fanfiction
ASK and DARE SEPTIPLIER!!!! =3 That's all 2 it! =3
My personal shit for people who actually care by Alyssa_Sans64
The best thing ever  by Faithmcintire
The best thing ever by Faithmcintire Teen Fiction
One day I saw a girl that was my first time having a great day with a girl like her.Her name is Shaelyn and my name is Gerette.She became my girlfriend.I really like he...
le 'art' by mari-k-art
le 'art' by BAKA!!!! Random
mostly fandom stuff, fusions, crossovers, anime, undertale!! requests are open
Johnny. by Samuel_707
Johnny. by noting Random
((Face claim: D.o Exo))