B.A.P one shots/Imagines (K-pop) {close for requests} by Hanlo_3
B.A.P one shots/Imagines (K-pop) {... by Hanlo
B.A.P's ONE SHOTS........... REQUESTS WILL ALWAYS STAY CLOSE!! Please don't pm me what you want in the comments\inbox me\board massegs cause I'm so busy and I lost my w...
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My Rants, And Info About Me ! ;-3 by LilTrashie101
My Rants, And Info About Me ! ;-3 by Phoenix_Reaper
Hi ! This Book Is Meant To w-well Answer Any Questions, You Guys Have For Me !! And Well .. Also It Is About My Rants, That I Keep To MySelf... Hahaha..... :-( Anyways y...
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Yo no tengo corazón  (jeff the killer, liu y tu) by BrianaMartinez514
Yo no tengo corazón (jeff the kil... by Alexa Moon =3 LUNAMOON
Que pasaría si el famoso jeff the killer se reencontrara con una vieja amiga de la cual estaba enamorado junto con su hermano liu, pero......ella tiene un secreto..... P...
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le 'art' by Symmar
le 'art' by bleh
mostly fandom stuff, fusions, crossovers, anime, undertale!! requests are open
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Updates and other things  by Twolfdadj3098768
This is purrfect~ (Au sans and papyrus X nekowolf! reader X youtubers X batim?)  by IcyDaNekoWolf
This is purrfect~ (Au sans and pap... by IcyDaNekoFireFoxWolf
They were 8 humans living in a mansion..But what if theres falling skeleys a random youtubers pop out and cartoons being real!?
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Falling In Too Deep (H2oVanoss) *ON HOLD* by Muddy1626
Falling In Too Deep (H2oVanoss) *O... by _damn.near_
Watch as a boy solely and slowly falls deeper and deeper in love with someone who thinks of him as a casual friend. Anything could happen✨ (trigger warnings: proceed wit...
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The Queen of dispare and sorrow... by nashioffairytail13th