I'm not famous, nor am I anywhere close to that.

What I am is an insignificant person with some ideas for stories.

However, even though I am insignificant, with some work, I can still become significant and make a difference.

I actually have friends on here.
Imagine that.

I'll accept almost any requests. Send me a PM and I will tell you if I'll do it.


All the single ladies...

<) ) ~
/ \

( ·_·)
/( ( >
/ \

<) ) ~
/ \

...All the single ladies

Roses are red
Thorns are prickly
Holy shit
That escalated quickly

I ship Destiel (Wincestiel, on occasion)
I ship Johnlock
I ship Dramione
I ship PewdieCry
I ship Spirk
I ship Septiplier
I ship PewdieCry
I ship Phan
I am a Pothead (Harry Potter fan) What'd you think I meant?!
I am a Mishamigo
I am a Hiddlestoner
I am an Ackleholic
I am a Cumberbitch
I am a Sherlockian
Whatever you people call a fan of The Silence of the Lambs, I am that.

Am open for requests, but I draw the line at 1D and Minecraft Diaries. And Twilight. How bout you ask me first?

Can you guys do me a favor and figure out which of the people I'm following don't follow me back? Thank you
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It Pays The Bills (Septiplier Stripper) Random
*WARNING! Graphic depictions of gay sex and nudity! Don't like, don't read. It is strongly advised that you decide your fate wisely. If you are 13 or under I really wouldn't suggest reading this.* Jack was feeling...
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