Hey, judging by my username, it pretty much says that you're brave enough to look onto this profile...


I shall follow people who I deem worthy!
Message me and we can talk and be all like 'Eyy~!' it'll be great!

So, let's see...
I identify myself as female
I'm 16
I'm awesome (but you already knew that ^-^)
I am the leader of The Flying Turtle Association who are currently in a war against The Evil Duck Army.
I'm special
I have the same birthday as John Lennon (I AM THE REINCARNATION OF THE BEATLES! FEAR ME!)

Unfortunately, school is taking up more of my time meaning I have less time to update, or remember to update.


Thanks for reading and


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Well...I was editing a chapter of IMUP and I was planning on uploading another chapter but NOOOooooOoOoOoOooOoOoOoOoooo!!!!!! Life can't be THAT easy!! Noooo, all the stuff I edited and typed out jus...
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