Hello! Welcome to my page. c: I'm 18, I have two cats, I like to write and draw. 
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So Far Away [Naruto Sequel]

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Description: NOTE: This is the sequel of Great, Stuck In Their World. Three years. That was how long it had been since she wished herself to be in the strange, small ninja world she now called home. Within those three years, she had left with her best friend, N...

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Great, Stuck In Their World. ~Naruto Story~

Great, Stuck In Their World. ~Naruto Story~

543K 12.9K 2.4K

Tanaka Naomi and her close friends and family are enjoying normal day life until one day, they're all su...

Killing You, Not So Easily [Naruto Story]

Killing You, Not So Easily [Naruto Story]

4.8K 77 63

Takeda Yuki is an assassin. She is under the orders of Aichi, who has a goal to interfere with the Akats...

@RosarioAstrid666 Ah okay. xD yeah it really does seem like fun. Usually the only time I have trouble is with the smaller con's hotel staff. The last time I went, it was at a snooty hotel and gosh they were just the worst. uwu;;
      And that sounds awesome! c: I hope you have a great time. I think Texas has a lot of pretty good cons out there from what I've heard!

I used to go to both conventions in Colorado, the one I mention in this chapter is the smaller of the two. (I dunno if you were actually asking but it looked that way.. so.. I'm answering. lol)
      Volunteering seems like so much fun! I have such an appreciation for the staff/volunteers for how much work they put into keeping the whole con together! c:

If it makes you feel better, since I did base it somewhat off my age and height, I'm now 18 (almost 19) and I'm only 5'7'' So... 5 years later and I've only grown one inch! :D You'll probably grow more. (And if you think about it this way, everyone in Naruto is like 4'9/5'1 so just imagine, Naomi walking around at 5'6 like a giant, almost beating Itachi in height)

You know, I also had just noticed that recently and actually that's quite disturbing so I think one day when I get around to rewriting it, I'm gonna take out that part because... that's... just gross. Or something. Not quite sure yet. I enjoy reading all your comments so far though! Pointing out my inconsistencies is really helping cause I'm just now seeing how many there are and it's like "Yeah I gotta word that better/gotta fix that/gotta get rid of that" so ty!! uwu