I feel relieved. Still hate school tho......but at least it's highschool


..... guys and y'all are mean people don't even comment on what you think on my story's you guys are sooo mean

I need food lots of it
I want chocolate all the time
I want cheese its and animal crackers

I am a girl obviously my name is champagne yes that is my real name
I am also pan AND I HAVE TOLD MY MOTHER ....a while ago just didn't want to update this thing

that's all I can think about
Oh yeah SMUT

oh and yeah my profile name is not lying I am heartless....to a point. I am also shy towards people. feel free to dm me. I am a future massage therapist cause I have magical hands *wink wink* (no I'm kidding my friends just said I'd be good at it)

words of wisdom:.........uh........do I seem like a wise person to you 😐.......oh wait let me think 🤔......don't mess with nice, well mannered, shy people.....cause if you push them to far....you die.....with your family........while they destroy your life before your eyes......trust me ......I know.......it's me 😁😁😂

I do not cuss unless I have a overload of any emotion, if an occasion calls for it , or in my books.

I am a pervert not in a stalking way just dirty minded, if you could tell and I only cuss in my books because something about it .... makes it filther and I love it. And yes I know I shouldn't be a pervert cause im young Welp it's 2017, this is America, I am on wattpad, and my entire family is boys I am literally the only girl in the 2ND generation. so no judgement, you can criticize me on my books I don't care but if you ever call anything but under no circumstances will I tolerate hate)bullying cause I'm telling you if I see that I will go off and trust, you will leave my book with your feelings hurt more than what you were trying to do.
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I'm updating liberation omega soon and I'm working on the chapter now. Please spread the word about this book and help me get it out there, I would gladly appreciate it. The book is on this app so do...
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