Helloooo there(:

My name is ForeverYoung411.

Nice to meet you, stranger! haha(:

Comment, Vote on my writing ONLY if you think it deserves it(; Otherwise, just enjoy(hopefully?) reading!

Some facts about me?
I'm usually(USUALLY.) an optimistic person. (Which is probably why I use a buncha smiley faces..all. the. time.)
I love my guitar.
I am a HOPELESS romantic. So my guess my favorite genre? (;
I am a Hunger Games fan and proud. TEAM PEETA FOR THE WIN<3
My favorite color is pink. Enough said(;
I'm a dog person.
I can't live a day without listening to music.
I'm a born Texan(: (So if yall see the word "y'all" in my writing...that's why.)
I'm a perfectionist. (Most of the time, anyway hahah)
I love, love, love cheesy pick up lines hahah(: If you have any good ones, please do comment/message me!!


If you're still reading, good job(:

Thank you for checking out my profile! Happy Wattpaddingg!
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tania_810 posted a message to ForeverYoung411
please update his number soon!I understand you have a life and have more important things.But,I just want to tell you I love that book and you are a really talented writer,im writing a book and I understand how hard it is but you are an incredible writer,you deserve more votes,comments,and followers.Please update his number soon :)
hi, I understand you have a life, and are probably busy, but it's been two years since you've added a new chapter, so is anything wrong? It's just that that's a long time, and I just wanted to check in. 
Hey everyone:
      Stop asking her to update. She has either a) been ona long break from Wattpad or b) given up on Wattpad (I'm sure she hasn't). She last uploaded a chapter in January or February in 2013, and she last updated in June 2015. It's probably a sign that she's coming back or something. And asking someone to update does not make the author update faster. It's only pressuring them. They don't just spew up a thousand words on a page and give it to their readers (I think you know that). 
      @ForeverYoung411, like all authors, must have a busy life. Her life does not revolve around Wattpad. Stop hounding her and bombarding her message with inconsiderate comments. I mean, put yourself in a Wattpad-famous author's shoes: you attend school - you have tonnes of schoolwork and assignments to do - maybe/probably have a part-time job, other personal issues, and people on Wattpad begging you to update. 
      From me.
i would totally appreciate if you updated & all but honestly if people have such a hard time waiting for updates then they should just wait until the book is completed. you shouldn't have to feel pressured to finish your book, so take your time :) you're a great writer!
I hope everything is okay with you, and I'm sorry that you're being hounded with messages from fans. Some people just don't understand that something could be wrong or that you may not be okay. I wish you the best of luck with everything, even if nothing is wrong. Update whenever you want or don't update at all. It's your book; you can write (or stop writing) it if you want.