Hello! I'm so excited about being on here and having fans. I've been writing since 2007 thanks to my friend Sarah. You might know her as @sheidi. 

I'm prettty much a geeky girl. I like Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, The Vampire Diaries, and pretty much every superhero and supervillan from DC Comics and Marvel. Like I said. GEEK!

Somethings About me.
Fav Football Team. Pro: SF 49ers
Fav Baseball Team. Boston Red Sox
Fav. Pokemon. Bublasaur cause he's no. 1

I'm pretty obsessed with Harry Potter...Draco Malfoy can Slytherin my bed anyday ;) hehee
Yeah you definitely wanted to know that ^.^

I like to say YAY a lot. You'd know that if you've pmed me.

pm me if you get bored, have questions, comments, or concerns!

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To Love A Weasley [Book Two of Why Did You Have To Be A Weasley?]

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Description: It's Draevyn's Seventh Year and last year was one to remember. But with her beloved Fred gone away after graduating, things have gotten harder for her, especially with a throng of boys vying for her attentions and problems between her and Fred's rel...


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So after a long while of thinking it over and you all haggling me for more, I decided a sequel to Why Did You Have To Be A Weasley was in order. Now, the next installment, To Love A Weasley, is in the works with one chapter published. I am working so hard to bring the story back to life with new characters and challenges and much support is needed! Thank you all so much for the positive comments! I love you all!